Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Months!


Another month has passed and my Tay Tay May is now 8 months OLD!  This is a big deal, folks!!  8 month olds are awesome!  She is turning into a little person that is full of personality and cuteness!   


What is Taylor up to these days??

Well, she is all about playing!  She’ll sit on the floor and entertain herself by digging through her basket of toys.  She’ll take each one out, play with it, and then go in for the next.  She’s giving big, juicy kisses now too!  She grabbed my face recently to lay a wet one on me…. that was priceless!  Taylor is full of sounds.  I’m pretty sure she is going to be a jabber mouth.  We are SO close to getting a “mama” out her.  It’s coming… SOON!  Taylor is waving (mostly with her left hand) and totally gets when to use it.  She smiles and waves hello and it is so sweet!


I hear all the time what an easy sweet baby she is.  People really can’t believe how good she is!  Since I have nothing to compare her to, I just take everyone’s word for it and enjoy every minute of it!   I have so much fun hanging with my girl!  She just goes with the flow and enjoys life!  I am SO BLESSED!  She reminds of that every day.

7Tay sleeps about 11-12 hours at night and takes a few short naps during the day.  She doesn’t really have one set nap time and I’m not sure if I need to work on establishing that or do I just stick with what works for her? 

She’s drinking four 6-7 oz. bottles and eating two meals per day.  At her 11 o’clock bottle, she has yogurt (sometimes with fruit) and for dinner she has about 3-4 baby food cubes.  She’s loved everything she’s eaten so far except avocados.  I was surprised at that.  I am going to offer them to her again soon to see if her opinion on them changes.  Avocados are so good, she doesn’t know what she is missing!


Taylor is happily sitting up and not looking to crawl just yet.  She doesn’t have any reason to crawl since she has everything she needs right by her, so I am savoring her remaining immobile days.  Oh, and still no teefers!  I swear she has been cutting them for 5 months now, but still nothing.  I’m guessing she’ll get a bunch all at once – that should be a fun week!


She is such a good sport in putting up with for our monthly photo shoots that include a few wardrobe changes.  She’s even a trooper when I have her stripped down to her diaper outside in January.  Before you turn me in for that, remember, it is Florida and was practically 80 degrees today! :) 

I really don’t know what I am doing with photography, but I enjoy it and she makes any picture look great!


Oh, Taylor Baby, you sure do light up my world, and everyone else that knows you for that matter!  It has been a blissful 8 months with you and I look forward to every other moment with you!  I love you more than words can say!

~ Mommy




  1. Beautiful girl...beautiful family! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Lauren, she gets more beautiful all the time! The pictures are gorgeous. So glad you are enjoying her. These babies get big soooo fast! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Shes precious Lauren!! You must get awesome sleep! Hahah I am one sleep deprived mother-still.

    But yes, Sadie broke her first tooth or teeth near her first birthday and I was praying shed have teeth by then (because she too, was a late teether. She walked at 10.5 months but teeth finally started coming). So now at 16 months (will be on monday) she has 3 teeth up top two on bottom and breaking the 4th on the top. so 6 in total almost! So little Taylor will get there! And yes, Sadie didnt doo too well with teething but she was a hard baby anyways so I figured that ha. But with Taylor's behavior, I am sure it wont be super bad if she is such a good baby! :)

    you are blessed, WE are blessed :)

  4. Your baby needs to be in print ads or something...she is absolutely beautiful! I've followed your blog for a while and she seems to get more adorable with each passing month!

  5. Lauren,
    I have followed your story since shortly after you lost your little beans and I remember the depth of your grief and, although we don't even know each other, I believe there is something innate between Mother's that have lost babies that let's us feel each other's pain, because I swear I could feel the pain radiating off the computer screen...I suffered a miscarriage many years ago and lost only one baby, but will never forget that day in my Drs. office when the USN screen was silent. As I watch you now with Taylor it is so obvious that you were "Taylor-made" to be a Mom!!! You are such a natural at it! Not only does Taylor have a natural beauty to her that comes from getting the best of both of her parents, she also has a radiant joy that shines from her eyes that says she is a content and loved baby, safe and secure in her surroundings and as sure of that love as she is sure that if she cries, she will be held, if she is wet, she will be changed and if she if hungry, she will find an cool colored ice cube, I mean, she will be fed! I don't think at this point it matters if you force her to nap from 10-12 and eat at 6am, 11am and 5pm, as much as you follow what is working for Taylor now! It is obvious you are doing something right!!

    I've often wondered what my baby that I lost would be like today had I had that baby, but then I realize if I had THAT baby I most likely wouldn't have my son and daughter that came after that loss, who are now 9 and 8 years old, and I can't for the life of me imagine my life without them! Thank God it wasn't up to me to chose one or the other...although in a perfect world I would have all 4 of mine and you would have all 5 of yours!

    I love your posts about baby food, although mine are way past the baby food stage and I feel like a bad Mom because they ate Gerber and Heinz jar food all the way, I did breastfeed them...Benford for a year, Bryant until I unexpectedly got pregnant with Elizabeth and even then I tried to keep on, making it another 2 months until I was so tired and so hungry ALL THE TIME my Dr. said I had to stop and then Liz I BF til she was three, I think because I knew she was the last one...Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your story has touched me and I have loved watching Taylor grow more beautiful with each month's pics! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her...your miracle baby!! I have missed seeing pics of her with Daddy, I noticed he has been MIA...I'm hoping he's the one BEHIND the camera taking all the pictures!

    Keep the updates and the pics coming! I'll continue to pray for good health for Taylor and her parents and for the eruption of her new teeth be be as gentle as possible!!

    Peace to you all!
    Melanie Whitaker

  6. I somehow missed that you moved your blog in my reader! Glad I found it again. Taylor is a cutie!!