Sunday, February 12, 2012

9 Months!


Taylor May ~

You are 9 months old!!  You have way exceeded all my expectations on what having a child would be like!  You are the light of my life.  I still stare in complete amazement of you every single day and thank the Lord for every bit of you.  You bring joy and happiness to everyone that meets you.  “Those eyes!”,  “That smile!”,  “Your laid back temperament!”,  I am one blessed Mommy!

You are SO much fun these days!  You still aren’t really crawling just yet, but you are so ready to just start walking!  I think you’d rather skip the baby stuff and just walk.  You don’t have any teeth yet, but the doc says you are working on one on the bottom.  You are eating very well and are starting to get three meals a day.  Oatmeal, cereal, yogurt or fruits in the morning, and your delicious homemade baby food for lunch and dinner.  Sometimes when we are on the go, I try to offer you jarred baby food out of convenience, but you refuse.  You know what you like and want that.  I am glad you enjoy the foods I make for you!

Your hair is growing by the day!  It was just barley long enough to make the world’s tiniest ponytail, but I did it anyway.  It took the smallest hair band wrapped about 40 times around your 10 strands of hair, but I got it to work!  You weren’t very happy about it, but Mommy had her way anyway…. :)

There really isn’t much that you don’t like.  Really, you are the sweetest, easiest baby EVEA!  You just go with the flow and are laid back like me! :)  Keep it up and you will be an awesome 2 year old! :)  Well, I’m sure you will be either way.


Taylor was cracking me up during our photo shoot…. she discovered her sticker and was determined to rip it off and get that thing into her mouth!  I captured the whole play by play….b




Yummmm… 9 month stickers are SO tasty!

Here’s Taylor doing her favorite thing these days… WAVING!  She waves to everything!  People, pictures, mirrors… you name it!  She is all about saying hello.  I think she is going to be one social gal.  She’s even saying “hiiii” along with it here and there too!  It is the sweetest thing.


Taylor’s 9 Month Stats:

Height: 28.5” 71 percentile

27” (86th percentile) at 6 months

Weight: 19.5 pounds 57 percentile

16 lbs. 4 oz. (52nd percentile) at 6 months

Head: 17.7” 77 percentile

17.5” (92nd percentile!) at 6 months

Oh, Taylor May… what am I going to do with you?!?  Every minute is such a joy with you!  You have changed me for the better, forever!  I am so proud of YOU!  Happy 9 months, baby doll!

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  1. she is SOOOO gorgeous! just like her mama!!!!

  2. She is beautiful, still no answers about where Josh is?

    1. I find it interesting that someone who wants to know so much about someone's personal life can't even leave their own name with their comment. Coward. Perhaps you should get a life? If she's going through a separation or divorce, she'll share when she wants to.

  3. Look at all that hair! It looks like she's going to have your thick hair, lucky girl. Looking forward to seeing ya'll soon.

  4. Really, if she is going through a separation-it is none of our business. However, be thankful to God that she has Taylor during what could possibly be a very topsy-turvy time in her life. I am certain God foresaw what was to happen in her life and gave her a very sweet, beautiful living child to ease any loneliness. Obviously, you can't predict everything in your life-but surely you have to just pick up and keep going when the unthinkable happens. She has faith that things will work out in the way that is planned for her and she is flexible enough to understand that God does have good plans for Taylor and her. I have three children and have never dealt with any child deaths; I have a long standing marriage and often times I still find myself wondering what God has planned for me and where I am supposed to be. Should Lauren be dealing with what is speculated in her personal life-she is handling it with much more grace than I could ever conjure up.

    1. well said :) I agree whole heartdly,couldnt have said it better myself.

  5. You have a beautiful baby girl. I love her blue eyes. It is obvious from your posts you are one proud mommy as you should be.

  6. That Tay May is just ridiculously sweet! Love her to bits!