Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Night with Gergie

One of my Mom’s (aka Gergie) greatest joys in life is watching Disney movies in bed with her grandchildren.  She’s done it with all eight of her older grandkids, and now at the ripe old age of 9 months, it’s Taylor’s time!  Mom offered to spend some quality time with Taylor after she had her dinner and bath for the evening.  I got Taylor’s jammies on and she snuggled up next to Gergie with her bottle.  They watched Lady and the Tramp together.  Taylor was interested in the movie for about a half an hour, which I was very impressed by, then she played on the bed awhile and feel fast asleep right next to her Grandma!  It was priceless watching my two favorite ladies hang out together.  I’m sure Taylor will be requesting Disney movie nights with Gergie very often in the future!  She’s a little young now, but our Disney Princess days are right around the corner. 



SIGNATURE_010312 (2)


  1. So sweet! And WOW, you and Taylor both look like your mama!

  2. So sweet! I adore your mom!! And of course, lil Tay Tay too!!

  3. So precious! Love that tradition!