Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are You The Cutest?!

 Taylor is just changing right before my eyes these days… she is a little person now, and is so much fun to be with!  She started shaking her head “no” a few weeks ago and just recently she is nodding “yes” (which I like much better!).  She is communicating and showing off her little sense of humor! 

After dinner, Gergie and I had a little fun with her asking her some silly questions….  Check it out!

SIGNATURE_010312 (2)


  1. Let me just start by saying, she is wrong. There are 2 kids at my house that are cuter than her. But at least she's the 3rd cutest kid...so she's got that going for her. ;)

    Very cute, I love her personality, she's growing into a sweet little lady!

  2. Accchhh! The cuteness! I love it. Kiss those sweet cheeks for us.

  3. Omg she is soo stinkin cute!!