Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Blessings


This Easter was such a blessing to have this sweet little girl in my arms!  I was so pregnant last year at Easter and I wanted her to be here already!  Little did I 37.2know, she’d be here just one short week later.  Flash forward to this year, and she’s here with me and absolutely perfect!  I couldn’t be happier. 

I caught her just as she was waking up on Easter morning so that we could go through her Easter basket.  She got a bunch of little trinkets, princess Band-Aids, a princess crown, the bunny she’s sitting next to (above), and more!  She’s one lucky girl!

This year, my family and I went to church and then spent the rest of the day at the pool enjoying the perfect weather!  It’s not too hot… yet.




You may recognize the dress I am wearing from my ‘I Want’ post a few weeks ago.  Yep, I got it and love it!  So comfy and cute!

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Isn’t my family a beautiful bunch of people?!


Later on, Taylor got dressed up in my old baby dress that my Grandma Hoffmann made for me over 30 years ago!  Isn’t that special?  She was just a doll baby in it!


I’ll leave you with some of the many faces of Taylor…  She cracks me up with her multitude of expressions!

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  1. Very sweet I love her yellow skirt

  2. Are you still married? You never post anything about your husband/Taylor's Dad any more? And you don't ever post pictures of Taylor with her Daddy, they are always of just you and other family members. I hope you and your husband are OK! You seemed like a strong, happy couple, but something must have changed :>(( I pray for happyness for you and your family!

  3. Taylor is a dollie!
    I will have say, I have been wondering the same thing as the other comment about you and Josh. I've been following your blog for years now and it seems that he is no longer part of your life? You doing OK?

  4. Where is your husband?

  5. Out of respect to you I know you do not have to tell us where Josh is, however you have shared your life of ups and downs with some very personal issues I think you could probably say something to let us know what happened with Josh?

  6. He's not in any pictures anymore, so you can assume that something did happen. Even if she does share a blog, it does not mean she's obligated to tell what happpened in her marriage. From a married women, I would be devestated if I got divorced and had just had a baby. Could you all just lay off and think about how sad of a time this might be on her-even if the situation was terrible-she has to be grieving over what she thought should have been the perfect ending.

  7. Maybe everyone should assume the worst and since she is being so quiet about it, perhaps she is being legally aided at this time and maybe they are telling her to keep him out of it all....If this were the case, then I think one could safely assume her ex is a huge, cheating douche who has tried to rob her of her newborn, her sanity and her home, her happiness. ...... this is all a theory or a hunh though so....I will say though, that if these things were true, and she had already survived one journey to hell and back just to gracefully survive it again.....well, then I think this woman deserves to be fully praised. Her daughter will rise up and called her blessed! And I pray, if I ever travel through the hell she has that I stand half as tall as she has!
    But this is all a theory......

  8. I pray none of these comments are true about you and Josh!

    People, please leave kind comments!

    Lauren hope all is well with you and ALL of your family and hoping nothing has happened between you and Josh!

  9. I cannot believe our lil gal will be ONE next week!!! This year just flew by! I can't wait to celebrate little Tay at her party!