Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween?

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and was NOT happy about it…


This girl has a mind of her own these days and she was not having this ridiculous costume (at first).  Her school had a Halloween parade that my Mom and I went to.  I got choked up for a minute seeing my little girl marching around with her classmates.  She’s got this life of her own at school and it’s such a joy to see her in her element. 

Where does the time go?!  She’s like a full-on pre-schooler now. 


As you can see from my “winter” clothes here, the weather is starting to cool off a little here in Florida.  It’s fun to have to break out the long sleeve t-shirts and scarves.  Fall is almost here; I can feel it!


Later that night, Tay went trick-or-treating and of course, had a different costume.  You can’t re-wear the same costume in a day, right?? :)  She is in the midst of getting her molars so she’s a teething mess and still sporting her infant bibs :)


I remember when Taylor was the perfect photo subject.  She’d just sit and stare at the camera and smile.  Now… it’s a different story.  Half of my pics are blurry because she is on the GO and the other half she’s not paying me any attention! 

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


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