Tuesday, November 6, 2012

18 Months!

Guess what?! 

My baby is not a baby anymore…. she’s a YEAR AND A HALF!  

Where does the time go?? 


“They” say that parenting just keeps getting better and better and they grow and turn into little people, and they are right!  It has been a glorious past 18 months, and the best is yet to come!

Bear with me for just a minute, while I chronicle what my girl is up to these days...  It’s fun for me to look back and remember what life is like at this moment with her since things change so fast.  Taylor never ceases to amaze me – this girl is saying just about everything, putting words together, and understands everything!  She is recognizing her colors and saying them pretty well.  Her favorite past times are – watching “Abby Abby Abby!!” (that’s what she fondly calls Sesame Street), looking at books, pointing out animals and their sounds, playing with the fridge magnets, and climbing up and down the stairs (eek!). 

A typical week day for Tay consists of waking up around 7am (she is still a super-sleeper!), eating breakfast (that usually includes a banana), then off to school around 9am.  We like to have leisurely mornings when we can.  Tay is in the 18 –24 mo. school room and just thrives there.  She loves story time, play time, and especially snack time!  They eat lunch around 11 am, then nap on little cots from about 12-2.  I try to pick her up by 4 each day, but sometimes I am earlier and other times I am working late.  When we get home, Taylor enjoys going for a golf cart ride with her GrrGrr and Papa to see the “moooooo cows”, then we have dinner, her evening bath, and then we settle down with our evening beverage – milk, of course!


I feel like I always say the same things in her monthly updates, but she really is such a JOY!  She’s the sweetest thing with a touch of tude.  I love that little tude she’s getting too – it reminds me of me! :)


18 Month Growth Stats:

Head: 19.68” 100% – holy noggin!

Height: 33” 86%

Weight: 29 lbs. 95%

That’s one healthy girl if I’ve ever seen one!

a111 IMG_1

We passed the time at her doctor’s appointment by pointing out all the animals on the walls.  She knows just about all of them!


Tay wears anywhere from 24 mo. to a 3T clothes these days.  She is already in a size 6 or 7 shoe… I think she is going to have big feet :/  I just bumped her up to a size 5 diaper too, but they are a little roomy.  She has about 10 teeth now.  It seems like she just got them ALL at once.  She’s been a teething mess lately.  That’s got to be rough.  Molars are coming in now, so hopefully the worst of the teething is behind us?  I am about to move her in to a big girl bed.  She’s really ready and totally capable of staying in bed all night but I am just waiting until I move (((which will be SOON!))) so there is less change for Tay to have to adapt to.  The crib will be staying at GrrGrr’s house, so she’ll have that to nap in when she visits.


 Taylor May Elise… You continue to exceed all my expectations of what being a Mommy would be like and what my daughter would be.  You are my daily reminder of God’s faithfulness!  You bring a smile and such joy to all who meet you.  You are going to do great things in this world; I just know it!  I love you with all my heart, baby girl!

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  1. She is so beautiful! Love that dress!

  2. We agree with everything you have said because we are the lucky grandparents of your sweet girl!

  3. She is SO SO SO adorable! I can't believe she is 18 months old already. I have been following your blog since way before she was born, but really, time flies! :)

    I had to laugh about the "holy noggin" part...my daughters head has been off the charts, literally, since one of her very first check-ups! :) As her ped said, "It's to store all of her smarts!" ;) I'm sure the same goes for Taylor! :)