Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December at a Glance

Wow, December was one busy month!

God is blessing me immensely and everything, though hectic at times, has been falling right into place.  I am so grateful!!

Let’s see… in December, I moved into my new house (much more to come on that soon.), my family and I went to California to visit my sister and her family, my bother and his family came to here for Christmas, lots of home improvements, work and work trips, Christmas and New Years, and lots LOTS more!  It was an exciting month!

Taylor went on her second trip to California this year to visit my sister and her family.  It is such a joy seeing our kids interact!  Taylor took to my sister immediately and wanted her to hold her everywhere we went.  It was a nice little break for me.  :)


Since we weren’t together for Christmas or Thanksgiving this year, we celebrated an early Christmas together one night we were there.  Anna cooked a big traditional dinner complete with turkey and all the fixins!

Taylor insisted on sitting in her stroller for the picture, so we just went with it.  What my baby wants, my baby gets, right?! :)


We took a day trip to Santa Monica – went to the pier, the promenade, had some delicious fish tacos (YUM!), and went to the beach.  I love love love getting back to California and seeing the Pacific ocean and just being a part of the unique culture that Cali has to offer! 


It was a perfect day on the beach.  We let the kids get all dirty and muddy.  Taylor had a ball playing in the sand in just her diaper.  d

The kids cracked us up with their fun silly ways.  Aiden and Taylor played in his “fort” and built legos one lazy morning…


All that alone is enough to fill a month, but there’s more! 

John and his family came later this month to visit from Austin.  They haven’t seen Taylor since she was 8 weeks old, so it was a much needed visit!  We spent the whole week together  and had a blast.  Taylor got to see all of her cousins this month! 

One day, we headed to the beach and to Tarpon Springs for shopping and some Greek food!


We are so spoiled to get to enjoy the beach in December.  It was a beautiful day to walk around and find sea shells.  I couldn’t get Taylor to stay put for a group picture with her cousins, so I snapped this as she quickly crawled back to momma... 


i Taylor is doing her new thing – while riding in her stroller, she is all about holding hands.  She snagged up the hands of Claire and Avery here and is holding them tightly.  She is such an affectionate girl! 

Well that is about it for December – told ya it was a busy month!SIGNATURE_010312 (2)


  1. But baby wanted 12 lemons! :o) Love the pictures, I've been looking for pics from your Cali trip! So glad you were able to see your family this holiday.. one of these days I'll finally get to meet them!

  2. I love it!!! Bears shirt & Tarpon springs!! It was like I was right there with you! What an awesome month:)