Friday, December 21, 2012

Home for the Holidays – Dining Room Edition

Taylor and I are finally in our HOME; just in time for the holidays!  I have been so busy doing a lot of cosmetic upgrades to the house.  It’s so fun to see things coming together.  Thank goodness I took some “before” pics because it was pretty atrocious!  When I walked in to the house for the first time though, I could see it’s potential, and it’s starting to come out! 

I have this vision for my dining area… I really want a round dining room table, in a dark finish, that is simple and contemporary.  I don’t like a lot of ornamental carvings or claw feet or anything crazy like that.  Just simple and elegant.  My design style as “comfy contemporary”, not at all to be confused with modern.  Modern doesn’t doesn’t describe my taste at all.  Any who, back to the table.  My other requirement is that it is large enough to seat 6-8.  This is a big area that I need to address and a small 4 seater table would be lost in the room.  Is all this too much to ask?!  I don’t think so.  From the few stores I have browsed at so far, there is nothing that fits this criteria, so I have started looking around online.  A lot of the pictures that I found do not link back to anywhere I can buy it, I guess they are just design ideas. 

Okay, so here is the BEFORE….

(I really hope the ex-home owner doesn’t read my blog :))


And, here’s what it currently looks like….

Like our $5 “dining” table from Ikea and Tay’s folding chair?  Classy, I know.




Lastly, there are some of my room inspirations.

dining room 2


dining room 3


I love these chairs…



See, all I need is good lighting, window coverings, and furniture….

Please, please let me know if you know of anywhere where I can find something like this, preferably without breaking the bank to.  K, thanks! :)

Happy Decorating!

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  1. Table:


    1. This could be perfect! Thanks for sharing, Candice!

  2. Check out Thomasville.

  3. Did you see the episode of Real Housewives of BH when Kyle hosted the girls in her new dining room? I loved it & could see that being something you would like too. I love the big, padded chairs! You're house has come such a long way so quickly.. I love it!

  4. What color paint is your dining room now? Love it! And, also love love your wood floors! What kind are they? can you tell we are remodeling too?!

    1. Thanks!! The paint color is Porter Paint gray marble

      and the floors are from lumber liquidators -

  5. If your looking for a rug. good luck finding your furniture! your dining room makeover is beautiful:)