Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What’s In My Purse?

You know how US Magazine sometimes does the ‘What’s In Your Bag’ article?  Well, I thought it would be fun to do a similar post too.  My bag is usually a big black hole where random things collect, so I took the opportunity to do some organization and tossing a bunch of old receipts. 

So, aren’t you dying to know what’s in MY purse?! :)


From diapers to Dramamine and everything in between, I’ve got quite the assortment in my purse!  I recently started using a purse again after ditching the diaper bag, as Taylor is needing less stuff when we are just running quick errands.  During the diaper bag days, I’d just carry a small clutch with my essentials.  Now, I am back to the big purse and toss in a few items that Tay needs.


  • I am in love with my new sunglasses, so those are always with me and the case in my bag for safe keeping.  I am bad with my sunglasses and usually just toss them anywhere, but not these babies – my new aviators will be handled with care!
  • I have about 10 carmexs lying around – they are in every purse, car, junk drawer... Gotta have quick access to my chapstick!
  • I am digging this new travel contact holder that I found at Charming Charley’s.  It’s a cute little case that holds your contact case perfectly.  I keep my glasses with me too for an easy swap when my eyes are tired.
  • Have you tired the Philosophy flavored lip gloss?  YUM!  Birthday Cake flavor is my fav and a purse essential!
  • When going through my purse, I was surprised to find a travel size Dramamine.  That bottle must be way expired!  I don’t remember the last time I used that, but I am prone to motion sickness, so I guess it’s good to keep around.
  • Sunblock is a MUST living in Florida.  The sun is intense!  I’ve had many questionable freckles and moles removed by my Dermatologist, so I am extra careful (now) with my skin.  My daily lotion has SPF in it, but I use additional sunblock when I am outside playing with Taylor, going for a run, etc.
  • What was life like without iPads?!  I have one with me always for work purposes, but they sure do come in handy entertaining a busy two year old!
  • Speaking of a two year old… after ditching the diaper bag, I now just keep a diaper and wipes in a ziplock in my purse.  Tay is in potty training mode right now, so I imagine my zip lock bag will contain a change of clothes for Tay and wipes.
  • I had a coupon for a free travel size lotion from Bath and Body Works, so I picked up the Paris Amour scent.  I really liked having that on had and about to run out, so I will be heading back tomorrow for refills on that and their hand sanitizer.  Definitely can’t live without that!
  • I was surprised to NOT find an old crusty sippy cup and dried up old puffs at the bottom of my purse :)

So Allison, what’s in YOUR purse?!


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  2. Well, since you happened to ask, here's what's in my purse!

  3. Love the poke holder! i am exploitation Feebly, and you are already in it as a result of I migrated all of my feeds from Google Reader. it's formally changed to the Feebly Cloud, therefore i am sensible to travel.handbag holder As for foundation piecing, I prefer using a freezer paper method because I can reuse the foundations as many as ten times.You are so creative and genius! These are so cute! It was great shopping with you a bit. I'm glad you were able to make it down.

  4. I've been addicted to cherry carmex and philosophy gloss since you posted this - thanks!!