Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Precious Moments

Taylor and I have are so lucky to have my parents and grandparents live near by that we can visit often.  We had the nicest visit last Sunday.  It was nice to have no plans for the day and just relax on The Farm.  We visited on my grandparent’s porch during the afternoon downpour.  We were stuck there as the thunder and lightning seemed to be directly above us.  I got some great cuddles from Tay as she was a little nervous from the thunder being so close.

While we visited, I captured some of the precious moments from the day…


Taylor and her great grandma, Mimi, looked at old family photos together. 


“Old Papa”, as we fondly call him, is 90 years older than Taylor, but you’d never know it.  He gets down on the ground and crawls after Taylor just like a kid!  They stacked Legos together that were taller than Taylor. 

When we leave Mimi and Papa’s porch, Taylor literally goes back and gives them 2 or 3 more hugs and kisses goodbye.  It is just the sweetest thing!  I am so grateful that they have the opportunity to really know Taylor.  What a joy that is!


Once the rain let up enough, we took the long golf cart home to my parent’s house.  Taylor and Papa got some cuddle time in and watched a little Doc McStuffins.  Taylor insists on taking her “Baby Reese” and “Baby Lady” with her everywhere!  She’s a little Mommy.

Grgr treated Taylor to her first ice cream cone, which she absolutely loved!  She was even a good girl and shared!

Having a baby makes all the little things much more important.  I am soaking it all up and enjoying my time with my girl!  Like they always say – it just keeps getting better and better! :)



  1. So sweet that your family lives so close! I love our Tampa Bay storms that pop up but are usually over before you can blink :-)

  2. I adore Mimi & Papa.. they are probably the cutest people ever! And I love that Tay named her baby Reese!!