Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Island Time!


Spring time in Florida is here and we kicked things off by heading to 3 Rooker Island this weekend!  Taylor hasn’t been since last summer and she loved it this time even more!  Even though the water was still in the 70’s (cold for Florida!), the kids didn’t mind…  They were out there ALL day playing in the water.

Packing up the car with all our gear left little room for Haden and Taylor to actually fit!  They got a kick out of it though and were good sports!


Having the option to hop on Marc’s boat anytime we want is such a treat!  Haden and Taylor were jazzed up to go; egger to put on their life jackets and hit the open water!  I was a little concerned if Taylor would like being on the boat, but she had so problem with it at all!  In fact, she’s quite the daredevil… every bump or big wave, she’d yell “woooohooo”!!


Taylor even got the chance to drive!!  AHHHH!


On a little side note, Tay is sporting one of her new baiting suits for 2014.  She went though a serious growing spurt lately and I had to buy a 5T!  **sniff, sniff** When did my baby turn into a 5 year old?!  I just love the swim t-shirts with the bikini bottom look.  It’s so handy with kids and keeps them covered up with an SPF 50 top.  Here is her new Oshkosh suit:



Miss Queen of the Island was difficult to lure out of the water until I pulled out the bag of Cheetos Puffs!  She was in her happy place all dry, under the tent, snuggled up, and eating her snack!

Despite the entire bag of Cheetos being consumed somehow, we were busy burring it off with building sand castles, ball games, and playing in the mini-boat.


We all look forward to going back as often as we can all Spring and Summer long! 


Happy Spring!!


  1. My. Goodness. Taylor's little pose with her hand on her hip is the cutest thing ever! Such a precious little girl!

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Taylor is certainly one very cute little girl. I know it is nosey to ask, but have I missed something? Are you in a relationsip with Marc? I hope you've found happiness :) You are one amazing christian inspirational lady.