Thursday, April 24, 2014

Super Easy Sewing Project {Smocked Dress}


Want a SUPER easy sewing project that literally takes 2 minutes, and will make you feel proud at your “crafty” accomplishments?!?!  Well, do this!! 

I picked up this fabric that was a pre-smocked at Joanne’s.  It’s got Disney Princesses on it, so I knew Tay would love it.  It’s sold by the inch, so I eyeballed how much I think I needed and bought it! 

Here’s all you need…


Dust the cobwebs off your sewing machine, load it up with thread, and make ONE stitch down the size of the fabric. 

Make sure you turn the fabric inside out and sew!


Two minutes later, you will have a cute sundress/or beach cover up for your little princess and you’ll feel oh so crafty!  

Happy Sewing! :)

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