Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Make It Stop!

I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by! Every November when Reese and Samantha have their birthdays, it’s tradition to re-take their pictures in the same pose as we did when they were just born. It started out in 2011 when Taylor was 6 months old and the girls were just a few days old. They all fit snugly in a Boppy and Taylor very proudly held the babies…

Then they all turned ONE! That was a tough pic to take!

And then came TWO…

And now, here they are at THREE!  When did this happen?!

Us Mommies took the same picture too, but this time we had the company of three very busy little girls who joined us. What a blessing all these little people are in our lives! What ever did we do for entertainment before we had all these kids?!




  1. Very sweet! You'll love doing this when the girls are 18!

  2. Susan, yes we joke about keeping this up and making them take this same picture when they are teenagers! It's so fun to look back on. :) Hopefully they will be good sports about it.

  3. We WILL do this when they're 18, like it or not!!! I love those girls!!! I love the mommies too! :o)

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