Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 Months


And just like that… Taylor is 7 months old.  That’s OLD!  She’s closer to 1 than she is a newborn and that makes me a little sad. 

This girl is on a serious growing phase.  She is just so beautiful and healthy.  She’s eating WELL (I am sure you can tell by the photos :)) and still sleeping great!  It is so much fun watching her discover the wonderful things in life…  Playing, laughter, love, happiness, excitement…. all that fun stuff. 

I am having SO much fun experimenting my photography skills on her.  I have a wonderful subject, so it’s not too hard to take great pictures of her. 


Taylor is comfortably in her 9 month clothes and size three diapers these days.  She’s thinking about crawling, but hasn’t taken the plunge yet.  She’s still working on about 4 toothies, but nothing has broken through the gums.  Her hair is growing by the day and getting thick and is a dark blonde.  Her eyes… well, you can see for yourself… they are as blue as the sky!


Ooh, I can’t forget to add this one! 10

And, this one cracks me up… Romie and Taylor a laying in the exact same pose!  How cute are those sisters? 


Taylor is great in the car and usually sleeps.  She pretty much just goes with the flow which is basically how I am.  She loves baths and basically everything I do with her!  All in all, she is a super fun baby to be with!

Happy 7 months, Taylor baby!  This is going to be one FUN Christmas with you!!



  1. she is SO adorable and she looks so much like YOU!!!!

  2. Such wonderful pictures! She's beautiful Lauren!

  3. My goodness, she is such a beautiful baby! I can't believe she's already seven months old!

  4. I so enjoy enjoy reading your posts. As a mom, "you get it." It's about the quality time you spend with your child. I learned a long time ago, there's no "do overs," when raising children. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and you're rasing her to be just as beautiful inside, too.

  5. SHe is absolutely beautiful!!!!! 7 months already!??!?! Where does the time go? :)

  6. Just a note from a total stranger... she is an absolutely beautiful baby.. I also have a granddaughter with blue eyes like those!

  7. She's beautiful..but don't be sad about her getting older...it just gets better...hugs and kisses...tea parties...telling little secrets to one another...sleep overs...shopping together..and much much more...enjoy and don't look back...look ahead at the years of excitement to come....one day grandbabies!

  8. She istoo cute! Thx for sharing her! xxxooo

  9. Your daughter has such gorgeous blue eyes! I especially love the last photo with your dog and her in the exact same post. Very cute!