Monday, June 18, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things…


I am in love with The Naked pallet from Urban Decay at Sephora!  You must go check it out.  My friend works for Sephora and has turned me on to so many of their great products.  The downside is, I am no longer satisfied with the drug store makeup products.  They quality just can’t be beat.  I was going to buy two eye shadows, but then realized that for just a little more I got all the colors I needed plus a bunch more that I would wear.  This pallet is full of colors that I love and is an updated twist on the boring beiges.  

starbucks2  starbucks3

If you are a Starbucks junky like me, then you MUST get this app.   Did you know that if you pay for your Starbucks with a gift card and just keep refilling it with funds, then you earn free drinks and discounts?  You have to register your gift card online and set up a little account on, but that was very simple to do.  Then, every time you use that card, you get rewards! 

Okay, so back to the app….

You just link your registered gift card to this app, then every time you buy something, they just scan the barcode on your phone and it deducts right from your account!  All you have to do is search for “starbucks” in  your app store, then set it up online.  One little problem I noticed with it, is you can’t get the barcode to pop up to pay if you are talking on the phone, at least that is the case with Verizon.   



I recently discovered these and they are the best little snacks.  Perfectly portioned in 100 calorie packs and dusted with cocoa, satisfies my need for something that is salty, chocolaty, and filling!  I keep them in my car when I’m traveling, so I have a quick and healthy snack to go to.


This Fedora from Tar-jay is my new favorite accessory!  I got it today on sale for just 10 bucks!  It’s perfect for hiding your unruly pool hair and still looking cute and fashionable!  I’ll be pairing this with a cover-up and a pair of shades by the pool this weekend!  fedora

photo (7) 

This dress is definitely one of  my favorite things these days!  I found this Max Studio maxi dress at TJ Maxx (wow, that’s a lot of “max”) for just $35, regularly $118!  Score!!  It is super comfy jersey knit material and is perfect for the hot Florida days.  You can dress it up or down and any which way.  Here are a few looks I threw together.

gray dress

And lastly, I will leave you with one of everyone’s most favorite things… a sweet, sleeping baby.  Ahhh!  Good night, All!


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  1. Awe :) You look great Lauren and sweet little one looks so peaceful :) She's gorgeous :) love to you always! xoxoxo Nan

  2. The sleeping baby looks so quite and I hope one day I can have a baby like this!