Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What A Difference a Year Makes!


Look at our pretty girls – all grown up… well, almost :)

Here are my best friend’s girls and Taylor one year ago, when Tay was 6 months old and Samantha and Reese were 4 and 5 days old.  They laid there perfectly and posed (or slept) for the picture.  Flash forward to today – and we’ve got our hands full with 3 little girls on the move!  What a difference a year makes! 


It has been such a joy watching our girls grow over the past year.  I hope we keep this tradition of having them pose the same every year – it’s so fun to look back on!  Can you imagine, even when they are teens, us still making them lay on the baby boppy pillow to pose?!  I love it! 


SIGNATURE_010312 (2)


  1. wish you'd write more about the ups & downs of being a single mom

  2. Oh we will definitely be doing this every year whether they like it or not!! Love our girls!