Monday, January 7, 2013

The Red Door Project

The first thing I noticed when I first pulled up to my new house was that hideous bright blue front door!  YUCK!  I couldn’t wait to fix it! 

Painting projects are a lot of fun (mostly) because it’s an inexpensive way to make a big impact.  Allison and I have both been talking about painting our front doors red, so we teamed up this weekend to tackle it.  We met up at the paint store, picked our color, and headed straight for her house to slap on a few coats.  “Few” is a bit of an understatement… her doors were previously painted in a high-gloss dark brown, so it took at least 7 coats of paint.  I actually lost count.  When we first put it on, the red looked more like a mauvey pink, but end in the end, it tuned out great. 

See for yourself… this is Allison’s before and after:

AP_Before doorAP_After door 


Luckily, painting my front door was a lot easier possibly because it was previously painted in a flat finish and the color was a lot lighter.  Two coats later, here is the finished product!  I am so happy with it! 

Here’s my before and after… front door before and afterWhat do you think?!

Happy home-improving, All! :)

SIGNATURE_010312 (2)


  1. Perfect! I love a red door! My next home will have one for sure.

  2. I love the color and I don't blame you for wanting to change it from that ucky powder blue. I noticed between your before & after pictures the concrete in your entry looks different. Did you re-do that too? I love the pebbles and greenery that you've done (?) at the entry as well. :) I can't wait to see more! I love home improvment stuff!

    1. That is very perceptive of you, Felicia! Yes, I painted the walkway with a concrete stain. It made it look 100 times better and cleaned up the whole look. I also got landscaping done - guess I'll need to post pics on that soon too. It's amazing what a difference a few updates can make.

  3. What a great improvement! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Looks great! Did you paint the walkway too?

  5. I am loving the before and afters. Home improvments are so satisfing. I am so glad you have been able to purchase a new home on your own congratulations!!

  6. The work was definitely worth it! I can't believe how awesomely clean the walkway looks too! When did you do that?! I go away for one week & everything is different! ;o)

  7. You don’t like blue? Or is it just because it’s a lighter shade of blue? I think blue, especially the darker shades, look very good. Anyway, red door looks more inviting. You made a good choice!

  8. I like the red door -- ours looks like the same shade. Lisa got the idea a few years back when watching those home design shows. Question about the concrete stain -- are you still able to pressure wash it? I look the look of it but normally pressure wash my driveway/sidewalk once per year

  9. Having the same front door color with your friend is definitely a cool idea! The red color brightened up both front doors. I love it! It’s so amazing how a simple improvement can have a tremendous impact.

  10. Why? What kind of finish did Allison’s door have before it got repainted? It’s a good thing yours had the flat finish, although, as far as I know, this kind of finish is mostly used on interior doors. Another thing very likeable about it is it doesn’t reflect light. It makes every décor I hang on the door more pronounced, more noticeable. By the way, do you guys know that a red door is usually associated with the word ‘Welcome’?

  11. I agree that the new door color looks amazing. It sounds like it wasn't too hard of a project and it looks great with the outside color of your home. It is truly astounding home much better a home can look with just a little bit of paint. I am sure that the fresh coat also filled in any imperfections as well

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware