Wednesday, March 6, 2013

22 months


Oh my Taylor May!  You are 22 months old – that is OLD! :)  Every second with you is an absolute blessing!  Truly!  It is just such a joy watching you learn and grow.  You pick things up by the minute and are an sponge.  You have the ability to crack me up!  You are the sweetest thing, yet you do have your fair share of tude – and I love it! :)

Taylor is about 34 pounds (97th percentile), 33” tall (38th percentile).  She wears a 2-3T clothes, a size 5 diaper, and 7 (wide) shoe.  In other words – there is a whole lotta Tay to love!  She is a great eater and sleeper.  She sleeps about 12 hours and night and naps for about 2 hours every day.  I had one really tough week where she refused to go to sleep and kept getting out of bed, but luckily, she bounced right back to her normal good-sleeping self!  I rely on my quite time in the evening after she goes to sleep, so that week was rough!

Taylor still loves going to school and adores her teachers!  She is excelling in her color recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension!  I’ve got a little smarty on my hands!  Taylor sure does LOVE her “ommie” (that’s what she’s named her pacifier), but we limit it to just naps and bedtimes.  She will say, “bye ommie…” and drop it in her bed when she gets up in the morning. 


Taylor enjoys walking Romie and going to the park.  We have a park directly across the street from our new house, so it is so convenient!


I love that Taylor loves her evening bath time and brushing her teeth!  I got her an electric tooth brush and Elmo toothpaste, so it’s actually fun for her!  She is showing some interest in pee-peeing on the potty too!  She’ll sit there and play with a toy and try to do her business.  I know it’s still early to be potty training, but hey, if she’s open to the idea, I am going with it!  Once she transfers to the two year old room at school, they will really work with her on potty training, so that will be nice.


I cannot believe that in two short months, my baby will be 2!!!  Sure, I miss the baby Tay, but I am loving each stage and watching her grow!  We just started to plan her birthday party.  It will be a small pool party at the neighborhood’s splash pad with just a few of her little friends.  Can’t wait! :)


  1. she is PERFECTION!!!!! Can't believe she is almost two!!!! :-)

  2. Oh, and...just noticed on your sidebar that I'm on there! :-) I had an issue yesterday and lost the url: for good. :-( Could you update my blog to be:

    Otherwise the link doesn't work. I have been dealing with fixing the nonsense- and I am not technologically gifted! Haha.

    Love you - and love your precious little Tay! :-)


  3. So cute! I like babies, but I so love the toddler years! These kids are too much fun. Happy 22 month birthday!

  4. She is seriously, a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Happy 22 months :)