Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Confessions of a Single Mom {Day in the Life}

I thought it might be fun to capture a typical day in the life for Taylor and I, as things are right now.  Things change so quickly, so it’s fun for me to look back.  Life with a two year old is fabulous and a little tiring!  Tay is becoming a sweet little person and she’s a ball of fun to be with.  This particular evening, I picked her up from school around 4pm and headed off to Babies R Us for some necessities.  Taylor has been working on potty training lately, so we needed pull-ups and panties!! :)  She get’s excited about going potty, so we thought, what the heck, let’s give it a shot!  Her school is great about getting kids ready for potty training, so we do it at home too.  As long as we take her to go potty about every hour, then she’ll strictly go on the potty.  Even over night she wakes up dry!  Just amazing!  So, she needed to be rewarded with ‘big girl’ panties!

While shopping we checkout the PJs, and Taylor found a pair that she just had to have!  They were the most obnoxious pair they had on the rack, but she loved them because they are yellow and have flamingos on them.  I couldn’t deny her, so we got em!


Entertaining her has been a challenge for me – I stress over what we’ll do each evening.  She’s only awake for about 3-4 hours when she gets home from school, but still, it is a busy time!  I rarely sit.  A fun activity has been sidewalk chalk and bubbles, so that’s just what we did after shopping. 

bubble chalk



Can you believe she’s writing her name that well already?


We played outside until we worked up an appetite.  Dinner is a challenge for me too – what’s quick and easy, because I have all of 10 minutes to prepare something while watching her, and also nutritious?!  I found that she likes a lot of the Lean Cuisines, so I resort to that once in awhile.  It’s also a nice thing to have in the freezer in case there’s nothing else for dinner. Tonight, she had a pasta Leanie and a ton of “barbies” (aka strawberries) and milk to drink.  She was a happy camper!


After dinner we took a quick bath, slipped on her new pink and yellow flamingo PJs and snuggled up for a few minutes of “Rella” (aka Cinderella) – her new obsession!  Move over Abby Cadabby, the Disney Princesses have moved in! :)

tv time

After bedtime – it’s Mommy time!  Tonight, that means and quick pick up around the house, watching RHOC on DVR, and catching up on emails.  Good night all!


  1. Love the PJs she chose!! BTW, did you know I loathe the word "panties"?! :o) Just wanted to get that out there in case you were wondering!! I'm looking forward to Tay & Reese getting together soon.. Reesey misses her Tay Tay lots!

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  3. Appreciate what single moms do for every family -- keep it up!