Monday, June 17, 2013

It’s Good to be Two

Taylor is loving the two year old life!  She has experienced so many new things lately and is just having a ball!  Now that she is two, she transitioned to the 2 Year Old room at school.  This is a big deal, folks!!  In this class, she drinks out of a cup, learns to be potty trained, learns numbers and letters, and even some Spanish!  When I walk in her new class, it feels much more like a pre-school than a daycare setting.  It is weird seeing her as the youngest one in the class again, as she was just the big girl in the One Year Old room. 

Here is Taylor on her first day! :)

 2 yr old room

Living across the street from “Taylor’s Park” is so convenient to fit in some quick play time each evening.  Tay’s new thing is to put Romie in the Cozy Coupe and push her all around the park.  She is the “cool kid” in the neighborhood, as all the kids want to come see Taylor’s doggie and get a chance to ride in the car.  It’s funny to watch them all flock to her when we arrive. 


Taylor also got a another set of new(ish) wheels!  A red hot Lightning McQueen!  She’s a little too small for it now, but she won’t be for long!  She thinks she is hot stuff cruising this around!


My big girl went for her 2 year old dental check up too!  She was brave enough to let the Dentist do a quick exam.  It’s so funny to me that they even call it an “exam” – they poke around for about 10 seconds and you’re done!  I guess it’s more about getting used to going to the dentist rather than teeth cleaning at this age.  Either way, we had a fun time there!

dentistTay is also taking swim lessons this summer too!  She’s really getting the hang of it and picking up what she was taught last summer.  Here she is on her first day!  I look forward to comparing this picture to the one taken on her last day of swim, 3 months from now.  I just know she will look slimmer, tanner, and so much older!  They grow up way to fast!



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  2. She's such a little model baby...I mean, big girl!