Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Girl!

Where has my baby gone?  Lately, Taylor has been trading in so many of her baby ways and is becoming a big girl!  Where has the time gone?!

First off, she’s dressing herself!  She gets frustrated when she can’t do it, so I try to give her easier clothes that she can take on and off herself.  She get’s so excited when she can do it! 

photo 1 (2)

This time her shirt and pants were on backwards, but ah well!

Taylor is in big girl PANTIES now too!  This is a HUGE deal, folks!!  She’s been wearing pull ups and pee-peeing on the potty now for a few months, but it was time to move her to the next step and make her more accountable for her pee accidents.  I think she is really getting it and is excited about it too!  I keep a little kid potty in the living room, so she can quickly get to that on her own when she feels the urge, but she also goes on the big girl potty too!  I’m so proud of her, but where did my diaper wearing baby go??!!

This summer she’s been swimming every Saturday and Sunday morning at the Club House pool.  She’s doing so well at it and learning survival skills like swimming to the wall, crawling out of the pool, and floating!  We practiced her floating in the bath tub tonight.  :)

photo 1

photo 2 (2)

Taylor has given up her highchair as of late too.  It makes me sad; I love that thing!  So convenient having her safely sitting in her chair when I’m putting dinner together, but I’m afraid those days are gone.  She demands a big girl seat at the table now.  It’s tough keeping her sitting and still for a meal, but we’re working on that.  She’s also all about “I do it!”  - that is her saying of the month.  All I hear as I tried to cut the corn off the cob this evening was, “I do it.  I do it, Momma!", so I just let her go to town on the cob.  She handled it perfectly!photo 4

We’ve had a lot of visitors this summer too – a few of Taylor’s cousins, Claire, Ian, and Avery all came to Florida.  This was Taylor’s first time being around a 14 year old boy and she was in L-O-V-E with Ian!  Once she warmed up to him, he was all she talked about!  He was so good with her and even hand fed her dessert! :)  She still talks about him, so I’m glad we’ll be seeing them all again soon for Christmas in Texas!

photo 3

Claire and Avery came another week and Taylor just loved spending time with the big girls!  We went shopping one afternoon and had a blast together. 

photo 2  

photo (3) 

Claire and Taylor – the oldest and youngest of the grandkids :)  LOVE seeing them together!

Happy Summer All!


  1. It's amazing how quickly they grow! I love that picture of her eating corn on the cob!

  2. Ive been following your story since shortly after the green beans were born all the way till now.WOW she is getting so big.Your one amazing mommy.I just cant belive everything she is doing on her own :) Keep up the fantastic work momma!!!