Monday, September 30, 2013

Tour of Taylor’s Room

I just love love love how Taylor’s room has turned out, so I thought I’d give you a tour of it!  It really came together so nicely, as if I had planned it all out, but I didn’t really!  I never had an overall vision for her room, I just started from choosing her comforter and added in the things I had from her nursery and it evolved from there.

The design began with her furniture… Before I even closed on our house, I went my first model home auction.  Talk about fun!!  They auction off literally everything in the model homes and you bid.  If you win, you haul the furniture right out of the house and take it home.  It was exciting!  Anyway, that is where I scored her nice dresser and nightstands.  They turned out to be really nice quality and is something that can grow with her.  2

Before picking a paint color, I picked out the comforter for her bed.  I found one I really liked at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It wasn’t baby-ish which I like; more little-girlish.  Once I picked the bedding, the wall colors just fell into place.  I went with a two-tone, Tiffany-blue and teal shade.  It’s very calm and serene. 


Luckily, items from her original pink & gray nursery worked well with her new teal room.  This was her rocking chair from her nursery and I think that it compliments the teal room nicely.


A few fun details from her shelves…. Baby pictures, knickknacks that we pick up along the way, and an old toy that I had from when I was a baby.


And, what little girl’s room wouldn’t be complete with out a large, color coded, closet and lots of matching bows??details

I completed Taylor’s bed this weekend with a handmade headboard upholstered in white fabric.  This such an easy and inexpensive project!  It literally took me 10 minutes and only cost $25 in supplies!


All you need is a scrap piece of plywood cut to size.  I had the guy at Home Depot just cut the piece for me.  He found some scrap wood, cut it, and it only cost $1.08!!  Next, you need batting and/or foam based on how thick you want your headboard to be.  I went with two layers of batting which just so happened to be 30% off at the fabric store.  Lastly, you will need fabric to cover it all.  I went with a basic white textured fabric to complement her colorful comforter.  I found that on clearance for $8/yard.  SCORE! Just lay everything out, pull tightly, and staple around the back edges.  Mount the headboard to wall, and VIOLA!

what you need

Here’s the before and after.  I think it finishes off her bed nicely.  She was pretty happy to see her headboard finished today when she came home.  We both love how it all turned out!

before after



  1. Looks so pretty and perfect for Taylor to grow in to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looks wonderful!! Wish I was as creative as you. Hope you have a great day :)