Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Princess for the Day!

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Taylor is one lucky little girl because she got to cut school today to spend the day with her grandparents at Disney!  How awesome is that?!  We are very blessed to have this opportunity and to live so close to the most magical place on Earth!  My parents have annual passes to Disney, so they just love any chance they get to take Taylor there (since she’s still free and all :))  This was an especially exciting trip for Taylor because she is now REALLY into the Disney princesses and Minney, so she’s really getting what Disney is all about.  She went today with an agenda – to see Cinderella, the castle, and Beauty and the Beast.

And, Cinderella she met!  It almost brings tears to my eyes seeing the joy and excitement in her face.  I am so happy that she got to experience this and I know it won’t be the last!


And, Princess Aurora… aka “Beeping Beauty” as Taylor would say.


Best part of all… is she got to pick out a dress-up outfit/Halloween costume at the Disney Princess Store!  The second the tried that dress on for me, her hands turn up like a little princess and she moved so elegantly.  It was precious!  I look forward to seeing her all dressed up for Halloween.  She’s going to have a blast!

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The day was all about her – my parents love to go to the park for just a few hours, so once Taylor got tired, they were happy to pack up and head back home.  I’d say it was a successful day!  Taylor got in a nap on the drive home.  Notice the arm next to her in the back seat??  That would be GrGr riding in the back with her to keep her company on the way home.  Isn’t that sweet?  They sure do give her the royal treatment!

Love you GrGr and Papa – thank you for a wonderful day that Taylor will never forget!


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  1. Love her Cinderella dress! She looks so happy and is just about the most adorable little girl I've seen!