Monday, October 14, 2013

Two and a Half!



My little Taylor baby is two and a half!  She has managed to become more and more fun and is such a delight!  She’s the sweetest little thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.  She has the best attitude and outlook on life!  She’s a fun loving little girl who brightens every room she walks into. 

Taylor does everything these days – she talks SO well!  She has the cutest things and uses big words!  New new things are, “Mom, remember when….” and “that’s beautiful”, “I love it!”.  She loves to sing along with her Princess movies and make up songs.  She knows she’s funny and loves to make people laugh.  Watching her humor and kind heart grow is such a joy!  She loves to ride her tri-cycle, run, play ball, pretend, watch Disney movies and Sofia the First, walk the dog, play “mommy”….. you know, what every well rounded little girl loves to do!


Taylor is so kind and caring for others.  She is first to hug anyone who’s sad or hurt and wipe their tears from their face.  She’s also loves to participate at school.  She’s at the front of the class answering the teacher’s questions and sharing stores.  I just love her excitement to learn! 


Taylor is about 36” and 33 lbs.  She’s sliming up and getting taller.  She wears a 2T-4T and a size 8 shoe.  She’s is potty trained, but it is still a challenge pooping on the potty.  She’s even been sleeping through the night in undies for a month or two now!  I’m so proud of her.  It’s pretty nice now not having to pack and buy pull-ups!  She is very mature and independent, yet she loves her snuggle time with her loved ones. 



Taylor Baby, becoming your mommy was the greatest gift God could give me!  You were worth all the sadness, pain, and waiting I experienced before you.  God gave me you on His timing and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  You give the motivation to be the best Mommy I can be.  You never cease to amaze me, Taylor Elise!  I love you to the moon and back!




  1. Wow what a beauty..sounds like you and Taylor are doing really well

  2. She's beautiful and sounds like quite the little lady. good job raising her, mama